We are excited to share the videos of this Kaspar Hauser Festival! It was an event of profound depth and living spirit. This quality comes through in watching the videos. We invite you to participate in an extraordinary experience with Kaspar Hauser!

The Festival Kaspar Hauser and the Apocalypse was recorded in Camphill Triform in April 2022.

These lectures and presentations from the Festival are available for viewing (after registering):

  • Introduction
  1. Welcome to the Festival - Irena Valujeva
  2. The Life that Is Kaspar Hauser - Stephen Steen and Takeshi Suesada,
  3. Living with the Apocalypse: Karl König, Kaspar Hauser and His Horse - Lecture, Richard Steel
  4. Kaspar Hauser and the Apocalypse: Where the Danger Is, Also Grows the Saving Power - Part I - Lecture, Eckart Böhmer
  5. Kaspar Hauser and the Apocalypse: Where the Danger Is, Also Grows the Saving Power - Part II - Lecture, Eckart Böhmer
  6. Kaspar Hauser: Revelation of the Refugee in Apocalyptic Times - Lecture, Carrie Schuchardt
  7. Kaspar Hauser and America: Can America be a Child of Europe too? - Talk and Conversation with David Schwartz
  8. Looking Back, Looking Forward: Closing Dialogue - Richard Steel, Eckart Böhmer, Deborah Grace
  • Reflections

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The Path of Sacrifice Greg Tricker

In this apocalyptic time when the world is going through upheaval after upheaval. What draws people to Kaspar Hauser?

As inscribed on his gravestone, Kaspar Hauser was "the enigma of his time." Today, he is a key to finding answers to the world's enigma. He is a source of inspiration and of finding life's meaning.


In the twenty-first century more and more people will wake up to the significance of Kaspar Hauser's life, trying to find answers to life's questions; how to heal, restore, be compassionate, find human dignity, and transform evil.


Kaspars task was not only for the people in the nineteenth century but for the people today of and the future.